The Missions Table

Bridging People to Christ

October 05, 2021 Nathan Harrod Episode 17
The Missions Table
Bridging People to Christ
Show Notes

Regional Director of the Europe and Middle East (EME) region, and former missionary to Holland, Bro. Mike Tuttle, reminds us that our job is to make people hungry for Christ, and ultimately, act as the bridge to Christ.  Bro. Tuttle calls for intentional and focused ministry to affect this hunger and shares battle-tested ministry strategies. 

The EME region is collectively praying for and working toward the “Connecting Cities to Christ” initiative, in which new churches are planted each year, with a special focus on the capital cities. This year's goal is to plant 21 new churches in 2021, with a goal to plant 22 new churches in 2022, continuing on this same trajectory each successive year.

If you’d like to learn more about this initiative or get involved in missions in the EME region, check out the links below:

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