The Missions Table

A Part of Us Goes With Them

September 21, 2021 Nathan Harrod Episode 16
The Missions Table
A Part of Us Goes With Them
Show Notes

Veteran missionary to Guatemala, Brad Thompson challenges us to move beyond “the missionary must win the whole nation by himself” mentality, into the realm of ministry multiplication through the power of transformative teaching. We are to duplicate ourselves in those we teach because that is what Jesus did. 

Bro. Thompson candidly shares his frustrations and successes in the process of growing a world-class Bible School program in the nation of Guatemala, along with a series of “student-first” principles for Bible School programs. 

As a Regional Coordinator for the UPCI Global Missions official training arm, Global Association of Theological Studies (GATS), Bro. Thompson also describes the GATS Global Educators program. The dual-pronged program provides training resources to missionaries and also provides ample service opportunities for those considering service on the mission field. 

For more information about GATS, its resources, and its service opportunities visit or email Bro. Jim Poitras / Bro. Thompson at

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