The Missions Table

In the Land of Giants

August 24, 2021 Nathan Harrod Episode 15
The Missions Table
In the Land of Giants
Show Notes

International evangelist and veteran missionary of 21 years to German-speaking nations, Charles Robinette, details his first Holy Ghost crusade in Ethiopia and how it ignited a radically apostolic ministry and launched a global crusade ministry.

In this episode, Bro. Robinette peels back the “mystique” behind crusade ministry. We tend to home in on two or three services in which thousands of miracles and Holy Ghost infillings take place. But as Bro. Robinette explains apostolic crusade ministry functions best as an enduring partnership of faith. And the greatest benefit comes in the apostolic training of the crusade team, which will bear fruit for generations.

Bro. Robinette’s new book, Radically Apostolic: The Reality, the Journey and the Reward of the Call of God, can be purchased in certain languages at (Kindle and paperback). (English Version Hardcover). It can also be purchased at

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